Make $40,000 (or more!) working 15 hours per week as a barre instructor.

Andrea Isabelle Lucas, owner and founder of Barre & Soul® studios and Barre Guild Academy®, breaks down the math behind making a full-time income working part-time hours teaching barre. It's easier than you think!

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You want to be a barre teacher, but you need to know that the training you choose is the real deal and that it will actually help you get hired.


You've heard that some barre trainings teach fake barre. (that's true)

You've heard that some yoga studios just hang a ballet bar on the wall and call it barre. (that's also true)

And you're sure that there has to be a better way to become a certified barre teacher. (finally, that's true!)


Barre Guild Academy® is an 8-week online course that will teach you to become a certified barre instructor in an authentic Lotte Berk-based barre training.

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"I thought I was prepared to teach until I took this training. There's no other barre teacher training like it!"



— Lindsey James, certified barre instructor



After Barre Guild Academy®...


  • You'll know the history and philosophy of barre and Lotte Berk inside and out (it's fascinating stuff!) and be able to share it with your students.

  • You'll understand the anatomy of the human body as it relates to barre and how to translate that into safe and effective classes for your students.

  • You'll know the physical exercises to use in your barre classes to mold your students into lean, mean barre powerhouses.

  • You'll know how to modify your routines to accommodate students of different fitness levels, including injury and pregnancy modifications.

  • You'll know how to design complete classes, curate your music and infuse your own personality to develop your own signature teaching style.

  • You'll know the business of barre and how to market yourself, nail your auditions, and get hired as a highly qualified, certified barre teacher.

  • You'll leave with a barre teacher certification qualifying you to teach barre classes anywhere in the world that you choose to build your practice.

How to become a certified barre teacher


Learn how to make $40,000 per year or more working part-time hours as a barre instructor!

Esther Fairfax, daughter of Lotte Berk, creator of Barre

"If Lotte or I haven’t trained those teaching, the classes lack that essential element of authenticity and knowledge."

— Esther Fairfax, daughter of Lotte Berk, creator of Barre


I'm Andrea Isabelle Lucas, the founder of Barre & Soul® studios.


I own 5 barre and yoga studios, where we teach an edgy, bespoke, world class, science-based proprietary barre and yoga method.

But that didn't happen overnight. I started just like you, as a student wanting something bigger for myself – a career where I could support myself and my family while doing something I loved. It wasn't easy, but I accomplished it with determination and grit, by getting great training from great teachers, and believing that the life I wanted was possible.

Since then, our studios have flourished and we've trained and certified hundreds of instructors in our industry-leading barre and yoga teacher training programs in Boston. With thousands of hours of combined experience, our teachers are the best, hands down.


It's been just over a decade since I fell in love with barre and the Lotte Berk tradition, and I've watched far too many yoga studios screw a bar to the wall, incorporate some weights and call it a barre class. And I've had far too many "barre teachers" show up for auditions and proceed to teach a pilates routine.

I'll admit that for awhile I was frustrated. I even got a little angry.

So I rallied up my team and we headed back to the source — to Esther Fairfax in England, the daughter of Lotte Berk, creator of barre, and the only person in the world qualified to certify other teachers in Lotte's true, pure, original barre methods.

And then I decided to do something about it and I became determined to save the industry I love from FAKE BARRE.

After training with Esther, immersing ourselves in her world of barre as it was meant to be, and becoming certified in Lotte Berk's original barre training methods, we returned home and hunkered down to combine this with our own elite teacher training methodology and our experience in the nuts-and-bolts business of barre.

My team and I are real people just like you — I'm a mom with two kids and a crazy busy schedule. So we wanted to make sure that our teacher training was not just thorough and comprehensive, but also accessible to people who have jobs and lives and can't just drop everything to hoof it into the studio everyday for an in-person training program.

This is the result —

the most authentic and comprehensive online barre teacher training program that has ever been made available to the public.


How to become a certified barre teacher


Learn how to make $40,000 per year or more working part-time hours as a barre instructor!

Jenna Geissler

"This training is so thorough, fun and hands-on. You leave ready to teach. You won't regret taking this journey!"


— Jenna Geissler, certified barre instructor