Andrea Isabelle Lucas, founder of Barre Guild Academy®, breaks down how to design a complete, effective barre class that gets real results in The Barre Teacher Startup Kit.


A real barre class is structured to provide an amazing, efficient, complete workout in just an hour. A well-designed barre class can burn hundreds of calories, improve posture, balance, and mind-body connection for your students.

But how do you actually design a class that gets those results?


This Barre Teacher Startup Kit is for you if:

You attended a barre class and you want to start teaching, but you’re not sure that you’re ready to jump into a full barre teacher training program.

You attended a barre training that rushed through a bare-bones curriculum in one weekend and left you feeling unprepared to actually plan and teach your first class.

You attended a barre training that taught a dancy or cardio-heavy version of barre, but you want to teach a more authentic barre class based on the Lotte Berk tradition.

You’re already teaching barre, but you’re having trouble timing your classes or getting through transitions quickly, and you’re always running late.

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The Barre Teacher Startup Kit includes:

  • Instructional video workshop on how to design your barre class, with Andrea Isabelle Lucas, founder of Barre Guild Academy® and Barre & Soul®

  • Live barre class video with Andrea and real barre students, so you can see how the class planning process comes together to create a complete, kickass workout

  • Barre Guild Academy® downloadable 50-Minute Barre Class Template

  • Barre Guild Academy® downloadable 60-Minute Barre Class Template

  • Cheatsheet of Quick Setup Cues for speedy class transitions

  • Cheatsheet of Modifications for barre exercises

  • Cheatsheet of Teaching Tips to help you run your class like a pro

  • 50-Minute Barre Class Spotify Playlist

  • 60-Minute Barre Class Spotify Playlist

Esther Fairfax, daughter of Lotte Berk, creator of Barre

"If Lotte or I haven’t trained those teaching, the classes lack that essential element of authenticity and knowledge."

— Esther Fairfax, daughter of Lotte Berk, creator of Barre